3D action RPG based on the most popular Japanese anime series ‘BLEACH’

‘Line Bleach’ is a 3D strategy action RPG that IP-based on the most popular Japanese anime series ‘BLEACH’, which created sales records in more than 90million units around the world. It features the sparkle of the original and reappearance of the story line. The Sling Shot System ‘Shinigami Daikō’(Some who became Shinigami by obtaining another Shinigami’s power) has been added as well, which means players could use the mobile device’s GPS ability to hunt the enemies randomly appearing at the same location as the. Furthermore, players could feel the exhilarating action through various contents such as PvP mode ‘Budokai’, where can help you to experience the strategic attack.

Title LINE BLEACH : Paradise Lost Genre 3D Action RPG
Release Date Sep. 2017 Ratings Age over 12
Developer YD Online Publishing LINE GAME


Realize the sensibility and fun from original ‘BLEACH’ in 3D

According to the quests, which reflect the original’s story line and world view. Players can feel the emotion and fun by enjoying each single stage in ‘Line Bleach’.

In addition, under the development capability, it reflects the characteristic, style, skill, gesture of each character from the original anime in 3D, players can experience the high engagement and tension via role-experiencing with different characters.

A new battle form ‘Shinigami Daikō’ that based on GPS has occupied the game center.

‘Shinigami Daikō’ is a new content that players could use GPS to occupy the game center then acquire the advanced awards or goods in the area where the player is currently located. Besides, players could increase the enjoyment of competition among the whole players in each area. According to the player’s operation, it is also possible to increase the winning percentage and items through new slingshot attack, which is totally different from General stage mode and the opposite mode ‘Top View’.

Strategic combat through various growth systems

Apart from the basic method of raising the level for character, the Reiatsu(Spiritual Pressure) growth system and Zanpakutō(Soul Slayer) upgrade system both based on the original work have been added. Even if the same character has been selected, the different decisions could help players to make your unique character.

Through the various growth systems, players could make the different characters that are specific in different contents. Depending on each character’s specific abilities, players could win a strategic victory in various battles.

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