Rebirth of a famous webtoon IP into a stunning turn-based collection RPG!

‘The God of Highschool’ is 2D turn-based RPG game with using Naver’s famous webtoon IP(Intellectual Property).
Players can enjoy strategic battle by collecting, enhancing and evolving more than 400 characters with addictive scenario.

Title God of Highschool Genre Turn-base RPG
Release Date May, 2015 Ratings General
Developer YD Online Publishing YD Online

GOH_ 정보 2

Webtoon mobile game on behalf of Korea

‘’The God of Highschool’ is one of the most beloved mobile games from not only webtoon subscribers but also gamers which has been ranked #6 in Google Play and #1 in Apple App Store at Top Grossing chart.

In addition, to Winning the Excellence Award at Korean Game Award 2015, the game has proudly established itself as representative of Korean Webtoon game.

Addictive Scenario, SD character to stimulate the collection

The quest which follows the original webtoon’s storyline, it maximizes the immersion of the game in very natural way. More than 400 characters from the original webtoon turn into adorable SD characters make it more fun to collect and grow.

Variously Interesting Contents

Various contents brings fun through ‘Go&Stop mode’ which players get game currency for bringing up characters, ‘Arcade Mode’ which participants compete with others from various mini game, and ‘diversity evolving system’ which can be evolved normal character to higher level.

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