The quintessence of splendid and mystical oriental martial art game!

Mir3 has steadily walked along its own way as a leading martial art game from the early stage of Korean online gaming market in which western fantasy games are prevalent, and is well-known with its excellency all over the world.

Emerged as the Korean martial art RPG’s pride, ‘Mir3′ feafures 4 main characters that hold the oriental beauty, the unique system and various inter-user community.
‘Mir’, the mysterious continent full of uncanny monsters.
Users will choose one character among warrior, sorcerer, monk and assassin, and depart one’s way to become a true hero defeating all the threats of monsters.

We will guide you to the enchanting world of ‘Mir3′.

Title Mir3 Genre MMORPG
Release Date 2003 Ratings Age over 15
Developer WeMade Ent. Publishing YD Online


img1- 미르 3


‘Mir3′ players can choose one among Warrior, Sorcerer, Monk and Assassin.
Warrior who is a melee character based on the strength and special skills using sword,
Sorcerer who’s in charge of long distance attack using various and spectacular spells,
Monk who supports his fellows using various Taoist magic to aid them and, at the same time, dealing with monsters using lethal poison and summoning creatures,
And last, assassin who forestalls the enemy with the swift and agile movement and deadly power.
Mir allows users to experience the various martial art skills and the spirits of eastern heroes by bringing life to the legendary characters from the classic martial art novel.

Also, the splendid weapons and gorgeous accessaries of each characters which are realized by the sophisticated graphics represent each characters’ uniqueness.
And users can have realistic game exprerience through more than 30 skill movements of characters.


If the basic system of ‘Mir3’ is to effectively use attack/defense skills in balance considering each character’s attribute,
the 7types of element system and the usage is the key system of ‘Mir3’ that no other game can’t imitate.
Besides, chatting and message system and various community system which combines with martial art features such as in-game oriental marrige will bring users more joy of building relationship and sharing information with other users.
Especially, players can have much more exciting game experience participating in the grand siege warfare through the unique faction system that can only be seen in Mir series.

And just like characters gaining experiences and leveling up, weapons also level up by gaining mastery points based on the time of usage.
As character’s level gets higher, players will equip stronger weapons and items and enjoy the distinctive features of each character’s profession.
Moreover, the newly applied Reputation systion will also allow users to make their character much unique.

img2- 미르 3


Renewed Mir continent.
Secret legend of Mir will be unfolded to the players who pursue to be the strongest.
The players who enter the game will follows the quests based on the fascinating stories hidden in the continent of new Mir.
While carrying out main quests that each regions hold, daily quests and RIES(Real-time Interactive Event System) which happens in real-time according to the big events that occur in Mir continent, players will find themselves become a true hero of Mir world.

Siege Warfare

Sabuk Fortress and the Desert Sand Fortress are the base place of the chivalrous ones who stand up for the future of Mir.
For each factions of Mir continent, occupying these fortresses means the greatest honor and, at the same time, the biggest responsibility to protect the people from the monsters.
So the factions who own the fortresses can collect a certain rate of tax from the nearby merchants.

When siege warfare commences, massive destruction weapons can be involved which can inflict huge damage to the opposite, and while inter-user combat is underway, monster army can also evade into the fortress in the middle of warfare as well, then the war goes to the larger war among 3 parties, eventually.
Enjoy the true excitement of ‘Mir3’ through the realistic grand siege warfare.

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