Korea, inscribe the pride for online game.

Mir is the representative martial art MMGRPG introducing the oriental color and stroyline to the 1st generation online game market, and is still the most beloved game with the stable balancing.

In the early stage of Korean online gaming market in which western fantasy games were prevalent, Mir has steadily walked along its own way as a leading martial art game, and has also inscribed its proud name on the grand Chinese continent and all over the world with its recognized excellency.

Title Mir2 Genre MMORPG
Release Date 2001 Ratings Age over 12 / 18
Developer WeMade Ent. Publishing YD Online


img1- 미르 2

A masterpiece which greatly expresses oriental beauty

The various actions and movements of the legendary matial art skills are realized!
And the exquisite background music and the graphic which hold the oriental beauty enhance the immersion into the game.

Various choices on cooperation, alliance, competition, negociation and such!
Diverse storyline, excellent balancing, easy and handy control that 2D game can offer are the key factors of Mir2 having been loved for more than a decade.
And the friendly community among users and its own family-like atmosphere are also its biggiest pride as a leading online game.

‘Mir2′ pursues to be a continuously evolving game to meet the user’s satisfaction and become the most enjoyable and user-friendly game that all ages can enjoy together by the user-oriented development and interactive communication based on the trust of users which has been built for years.

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