The one who conquer the sky will rule the world.
Icarus is a medieval European styled MMORPG, based on a fantasy world view. It features dynamic action and the three-dimensional battle across the sky and ground riding your Fellow that you trained through “Fellow system”.

To Winning the Grand Prize and Creation of Technology Reward for Graphic category at Korean Game Award 2015, the game is internationally recognized as having the best technique.

Title Icarus Genre MMORPG
Release Date April, 2014 Ratings Age over 18
Developer WeMade Ent. Publishing YD Online

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Differentiated Battle

Seven kinds of class which Berserker, Assassin, Guardian, Priest, Wizards, Ranger and idol have own unique skill. Also player can select battle skill depending on diverse reaction of opponent monster through ‘Consecutive skill and Linkage Skill’ system so it brings a new battle style every moment.

Fellow System

The main system which player can capture and train various monsters living in the field of Icarus and have own Fellow.

From ‘pet’ to perform role as assistant to ‘Midair Fellow’ with no restriction of movement, players can experience more efficient battle by utilizing various Fellows.

Specially, players can enjoy more powerful action with riding Fellow to move quickly on the battlefield, and attacking all enemy across the ground and in the air.

Large scale of PVE&PVP contents

PVP contents such as PK region, PVP battlefield, Influence war, etc are offering an extraordinary tension compared to hunting normal monster.

In addition, abundant PVE contents maximize the fun of battle such as Field Raid, Instance Dungeon, Castle of challenge.

Specially, the magnificent large-scale aerial combat with using Midair Fellow is regarded as the most attractive contents.

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